• Dog Show at Courtyard Gallery Austin, TX

    Dog Show at Courtyard Gallery Austin, TX

    I have a very fun show up with my friend Bucky Miller (buckymiller.com) curated by UT doctoral candidate Jessi DiTillio. It's up until late September, so if you are in Austin please check it out! Jessi also wrote the accompanying essay: dog show

    They live among us—elegant creatures, dangerous creatures, drooling creatures. Through photographs, collected objects, textiles, and installation, Emily O’Leary and Bucky Miller provide a rich space to contemplate the otherness of dogs. Leaving dog clichés aside, both artists frame the dog as a singular figure in the human imaginary and a physical, material being with its own agendas and its own consciousness.

  • Upcoming show at Women and Their Work

    Summer 2020

    The W&TW show will be my first solo exhibition-- I’m currently working on all new pieces for it.

    Austin’s Women & Their Work was just awarded a $90,000 grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts which will fund their exhibitions and accompanying programming for their 2019-2020 show cycle.


  • Mirror Mirrored at Austin Central Library Gallery

    Opening: Friday, January 18, 2019 7pm
    Central Library Gallery
    710 W. César Chávez St. | 512-974-7400

    I have a piece in this exhibition at the gallery in the beautiful new Austin Central Library. In addition to the gallery show, there's quite a bit of library programming around the exhibition, including kiddie storytimes and an Austin Symphony Orchestra performance. I'm very excited to be included in a show that also has Carrie Mae Weems, Amy Cutler, and Kiki Smith (among others)!

    Corwin Levi’s book Mirror Mirrored provides the framework for this mixed-media exhibit featuring local, national and international artists reimagining Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

    Featured artists: Christina Coleman, Amy Cutler, Sarah Fagan, Terra Goolsby, Annalise Gratovich & Polly Morwood, Katy Horan, Julia Jacquette, Tsz Kam & Nat Bradford, Joseph Keckler, John Kelly, Sara Madandar, Anna Von Mertens, Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky), Brittany De Nigris, Emily O’Leary, David Packer, Rachel Perry, Agustin Lucho Pozo, Denise Prince, Debra Smith, Kiki Smith, Ashley Thomas, Carrie Mae Weems, Stephanie Williams

  • Partial Shade

    Partial Shade

    5704 Ave. D
    Austin, 78752 Texas

    Partial Shade is “a nomadic curatorial project focused on hosting exhibitions in non-traditional spaces, with work that is responsive to, considerate of, and affected by its environment.”

    The exhibition includes works by: Juliana Castro Varón, Landon O’Brien, Bucky Miller, Marie Lorenz, Jeff Williams, Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez, Emily O’Leary, Claire Lachow, Gracelee Lawrence, Shana Hoehn, Siera Hyte, Elizabeth McClellan, Cameron Coffman, Nathan Ellefson, Hilliary Gabryel, Rachel Stuckey, Alex Goss, Alicia Link, Anika Steppe, Marta Lee, Ryan Hawk, Jesse Cline, Michael Muelhaupt, and Rachael Starbuck.

  • Affordable Dream House at the Visual Arts Center, Austin TX

    Affordable Dream House at the Visual Arts Center, Austin TX

    Opening 4/20/18 6-8pm
    The Visual Arts Center
    2300 Trinity St, Austin, TX

    Affordable Dream House features ten artists from the graduating class of UT Austin’s Studio Art MFA program. Moving across disciplines, the exhibition includes work from each artist, developed from two years of studio practice and research. The title of the exhibition, chosen to illustrate the tongue-in-cheek desire to carve out an individualized sense of self within a peer group, also reflects a feeling of community built not just from proximity to one’s neighbors, but through intersecting interests and collaborations.

  • Habit at Mom Gallery

    Habit: Laura Brown, Emily O'Leary, Rachael Starbuck
    Saturday, April 9 at 7 PM - 10 PM
    Mom Gallery in Hyde Park, Austin

    The Mom Gallery is pleased to present "Habit" featuring Laura Brown, Emily O'Leary, and Rachael Starbuck. Opening reception Saturday, April 9th, 7-10pm. Beer sponsored by 4th Tap Brewing Co-op.

    “Habit” brings together three artists whose work is a record of long-established routines, grooves worn deep by the cumulative force of their processes. Every print that Laura Brown makes is the consequence of a series of rituals initiated long before, from the many individual steps of the printmaking process to the accumulated practical routines of generations of printmakers before her. The multiple nature of the prints themselves are reminders of the process and its profuse history. Her work here references a tradition of quilting, with just as venerable a lineage of makers. Both Rachael Starbuck’s videos and sculptures are manifestations of holding something in mind when the thing itself isn’t there: memories or thoughts, placeholders, not the actual thing. Landscapes and horizon lines are summoned into existence by an extreme repetition of touch, their dimensions maintaining an indexical relationship with those of the artist’s own body. Emily O’Leary’s “samplers” are quiet examinations of human behavior, slow drawings made up of the needle piercing, scooping, and pulling until a cryptic story is built up of thread.

    All three artists share a conception of routine not as oppressive or stifling, but as having the potential to animate their work. Their work consists not simply of bold moves, but of the sum of thousands of tiny interactions within the pieces, keeping the maker in constant contact with the made. In this version of creativity, the rhythm of making takes on its own importance, and the pieces gain their own mysterious potency through the living touch of the artist.

  • North Mountain Residency

    I have an upcoming residency at North Mountain in West Virginia. I'll be there from May 19th - June 8th, hopefully getting a lot done and not getting bitten by a mountain lion.

    North Mountain Residency

  • 5/19/15

    My work is used to illustrate this piece:

  • 3/21/15 Parallels: Group Show/Exchange

    UT @ RISD

    60 Orange St, Providence, RI
    Sat March 21
    Work by:

    Peter Abrami, Adam Boley, Laura Brown, Anthony Creeden, Adam Crosson, Leah Dyjak, Ryan Hawk, Annie May Johnston, Gracelee Lawrence, Bryan Martello, Elizabeth McClellan, Annie Miller, Bucky Miller, Zach Meisner, Aaron Meyers, Michael, Muelhaupt, Emily O'Leary, Anne Rogers, Laurel Shear, Rachael Starbuck, Rachel Stuckey

  • 12/8/14 Surface Tension

    MFA Students from University of Texas at Austin and The Royal College of Art in London have made a one-night show in a pool in Austin.

  • 12/7/14 Made in Queens

    Front Street Gallery
    Patterson, NY

    Featuring: Elsie E. Apacible, Michelle Cheikin, Ann Cofta, Casey Concelmo, Karen Kettering Dimit, Karen Fitzgerald, Dianne Martin, Emily O'Leary, Conrad Stojak, Sandra Mack-Valencia, and Junko Yamada. Curated by Jeanette Rodriguez and Nancy Gesimondo.

  • Fall '14 University of Texas at Austin

    I'm entering UT's MFA Painting program this fall.

  • 6/15/14 Fair in Sunnyside, Queens

    I'm participating at a fair featuring 33 artists who live or work in Sunnyside, Queens. It's at the Parish Meeting Hall at the corner of Skillman Avenue & 44th Street in Queens, NYC.

  • 4/13/13 MassArt Annual Auction

    I participated in MassArt's juried auction. The piece included (Two Women and Girl) sold, benefiting MassArt. MassArt is the only stand-alone public art college in the whole United States.

  • 4/8/13 Curator Lisa Tung's Picks for the MassArt Auction

    My piece Two Women and Girl is featured on MassArt's auction website as one of Boston curator Lisa Tung's top picks.
    Curator Lisa Tung’s MassArt Picks

  • 10/26/12 Exhibition Opening at Think Coffee

    I'll be showing new embroidery work at Think Coffee at Bowery and Bleeker in Manhattan from 10/21 through 12/1. There'll be work by two other artists, too-- Arthur Ryan and Oren R. Cohen.
    Here's the opening info:
    8:00 pm Friday, October 26th
    Think Coffee at Bowery and Bleeker, NYC
    Three Directions at THINKgallery

  • 5/4/12 Illustration for The Classical

    Bethlehem Shoals' May 4th article about Sacramento Kings player Demarcus Cousins includes an illustration by me:
    DMC for MVP
    Here is another sports-related illustration from Shoals' old site, freedarko:
    We'll Always Have the Next Day

  • 8/23/11 "Lower Orders" at Brouwerij Lane, Brooklyn

    A selection of my 2D work, including embroidery samplers and oil drawings, will be on view at Brouwerij Lane in Greenpoint, Brooklyn through August 2011.
    Lower Orders at Brouwerij Lane, Brooklyn
    78 Greenpoint Avenue
    NY 11222-1540
    (347) 529-6133
    Weekdays 3pm-8pm; Weekends 1pm-8pm
    The opening reception is 8/23 7-9.

  • 3/12/11 Booklyn Exhibition Opening

    I've got a group show opening this Saturday-- it's in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Sculpture and 2D fabric pieces. Come!
    BECAUSE I SAID SO at Booklyn
    Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 7:00pm
    Booklyn Artists Alliance
    37 Greenpoint ave 4th floor, Brooklyn, NY